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Sodium Nitrate
  • Sodium Nitrate
Sodium Nitrate
Product Name:

Sodium Nitrate

Quality standard: GB/T4553-2002

Molecular formula: NaNO3

Relative molecular: 84.99

Property:Sodium Nitrate is transparent, colorless or yellowish rhombic. It easily deliquesce in the air. It is a kind of strong oxidizer, it can be burning and exploding when mixed with organic substance.

Use: Mainly used in glass bulb of kinescope and automobile lights, glass clarifier. Used as compound fertilizers of crops and flowers, lead spraying fertilizer. It is the material for producing gunpowder such as firing cable and firecracker etc. It can be used as material for the manufacture of potassium nitrate, dynamite, bitter acid, dyes and pharmaceuticals, and as decoloring agent, defoaming agent, melting-facilitating agent, oxidant, metal cleaning agent etc.

Caution for transportation and storage: Packing should be tight, care for raining and sunshine during transportation.

Package: woven bag lined with plastic, NW: 25kg, 50kg, 1000kg.



Industrial grade

Sodium nitrate           % ≥


Moisture                 % ≥


Insoluble substance in Water  % ≥


Chloride                   % ≥


NaNO2               % ≥


Iron                  % ≥


Na2CO3              % ≥


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